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Is Your Current Computer Guy Cutting Corners, Overcharging You, And NOT Protecting And Securing Your Computer Network As Well As They Should?

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4 Big Reasons Businesses Outsource Their Computer IT Support To Us:

1. You’ll Get a Professional Team

Many IT businesses only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short-staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.

2. Absolute 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backwards to make you happy with our IT management & network support services.

3. Back up & Data Security

Keeping up with this is a full-time job on its own. In today’s day and age, we rely heavily on the data we collect and store. Our clients depend on us to keep the information they provide us safe.

4. No Nickle and Diming

Our service agreements aren’t full of weasel clauses and exclusions; you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you can expect – no “gotchas” or hidden fees.

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Morale has soared!

Portland Managed Services is just the company that could look broadly and deeply within our organization and helped us to develop an IT strategy for the future. An amazing benefit is working with Dave Johnson is that our productivity is up and employee morale and satisfaction has soared. The simple reason: we don't have network outages any longer, so staff can get their jobs done.

Jay C., VP Technical, Project Management Training and Consulting


Computer Caused Chaos Is a Thing Of The Past

There are a couple of benefits of having Portland Managed Services take responsibility for my network…the biggest difference is that my systems are now much more reliable and I don't have key employees scrambling around trying to find an available system whenever something went wrong.

I needed an organization that will act as an extension of my company, and keep my IT systems up and running so I don't have to, and this is what Portland Managed Services provide for me.

Laura O., Owner, Warehousing and Transportation

Everyone’s talking about the cloud, and for good reason - when managed properly, a move to this new technology landscape can help your business to do more with less, work more efficiently, and save time and money. But do you understand what’s involved in a cloud transition? It’s important that you appreciate what the cloud really is before you commit your systems to it, and that’s exactly what our FREE report helps you to get a hold of. Inside, you’ll find the five critical facts every business owner must know about before moving their network to the cloud - including what most IT consultants either don’t know or will choose not to tell you. And it’s totally free; it's our way of helping you get the most out of cutting-edge cloud technologies. Just enter your details and this FREE report is yours to download right now.


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Since 1995, we’ve made it Netropole’s mission to help small businesses in The Greater Portland/Vancouver Area eliminate computer problems and boost profit-generating productivity. That’s over two decades of assisting companies in developing technology infrastructures that support, rather than hamper, business growth. Whether you have frequent system crashes or ongoing difficulty getting equipment to run at a decent speed, or you need help adding new devices to further boost your company’s capabilities, we understand that you need IT expertise fast. We’ll get you the support you require to work smarter and more efficiently, and we’ll provide proactive network management on an ongoing basis to ensure that your IT really can become the engine that drives your business success.

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